Services & Programs

Individual Consultation 

  • Karol provides individual consultations and coaching to individuals 14 years and older, specializing in helping them Get Busy Living to become more effective in all areas of their lives — relationships, careers, and improving difficult life situations.

Executive Coaching

  • There is wide agreement that 80% of business / organizational problems are people issues.  Dr. Bailey coaches executives and staff employees at family-owned businesses, at large corporations, and individually in her office towards understanding themselves and the challenges they face with others.  She deftly identifies where personnel / interpersonal glitches occur and gives user-friendly advice and direction in smoothing those for ultimate success.

Animal – assisted therapy

  • Animal-assisted therapy has been widely demonstrated as effective in helping people emotionally and mentally.  Dr. B offers the assistance of her trained and certified therapy dog Gizmo as appropriate during in-person office meetings.  Gizmo is tiny in size but huge in heart and, should you choose to have him present in your meetings, will show you his innate sensitivity and support.  Besides that, he’s a lot of fun and automatically lightens the emotional load to make it easier to process and transcend.


  • For those where —due to convenience, distance, or other circumstances that make “in-person” treatment challenging— “face-to-face” or interactive video-conferencing may be the preferred method of psychological consultation. Dr. Bailey will collaborate with you to see if this approach is appropriate for you. Research has shown telehealth counseling to be as effective as in-person counseling when used appropriately.