Before the Beginning


(Author Unknown)

What is the moment of our birth?

We know the birthday of our body.

Yet we can never know the moment of birth of our character.

It has no date.

The birth of our character has many beginnings and is without end in the days and years of our life.

At every moment we face an infinite number of opportunities to create a greater meaning in our life.

Always, we find ourselves before another beginning.

In this we discover the most creative power of Man:  the power and delight of the self-creation of our character.

We create our character when we are alone with ourselves and in the relationships we also evolve with others.

And most of all our values will be determined by the direction in which we choose to grow with others and within ourselves.

But we know it is only when words move us to act that they reveal their strength.

In what we do we find the continuing birth of our character.

In what we do . . .

We are always before another beginning.