Do you want to:

  • Stop anxiety and panic?
  • Heal grief or heartbreak?
  • Get past your past – a belief, an attitude, a particular experience?
  • Be relieved of trauma from a major event or from ongoing patterns of neglect or betrayal — even if those wounds occurred long ago?

With over 40 years of professional experience, Dr. Karol Bailey knows that you are not choosing to think, act, or feel in the way that’s brought you here, so how could you possibly choose NOT to think, act, or feel in those ways?

Dr. B uses recent advances in psychology and neurobiology and a specific treatment approach called cognitive – experiential methods that go beyond traditional types of talk therapy.  These new tools and approaches, especially as combined with complementary traditional approaches, can get you to your goals.

Dr. Bailey uses a holistic framework, collaborating with you in the ways that work best for you.  She provides a safe, comfortable, and always professional setting to help you feel better with lasting effect.